A little bit about me

Over the past 30+ years, I’ve worked through my own personal issues and struggles and every day I continue to learn and grow. In that time, during my journey of learning how to deal, I determined to learn about alternative health care therapies — which modalities are available, how these differ from our conventional approach to 'health', and how to address not only physical symptoms but the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of what makes us whole, complete and healthy.  The therapies and modalities that drew me in are sourced naturally, mainly non-invasive and have no adverse side-effects.  This interest in holistic health-care came at a time after my mother’s diagnosis of stomach cancer. Her health's deterioration and ultimate passing within a six-month window (when I was just twenty years old), left me desperately trying to understand and grapple with my mother's death. As a very vibrant, robust, and strong woman, her life was cut short at only 49 years of age.

Losing my mother to cancer was the catalyst for wanting to find the meaning behind her declining health and ultimate death, and more so to question why do people get sick in the first place?  Why so many illnesses and diseases and what is the root cause? My mother's illness and her subsequent death also initiated for me a rapid onslaught of very challenging times, trials, revelations, and very difficult life lessons that were to be learned and processed. 


We have all that we need inside of us all ready to heal ourselves, yet we must first learn to love ourselves and find our way back to our true selves, unapologetically. Our lives and everything in it--from all that happens to us, from our daily interactions, to our families and those we have chosen to be on this journey with, to all that exists within nature--ALL OF IT--ALL ARE METAPHORS to gain awareness and take notice of, to be respected and most importantly, to learn from. 

I believe that being Healthy Is Our Birthright, in our bodies, in our mind and our spirit as well.  We are meant to be whole.

When we are sick and/or in pain, our unconscious mind is attempting to get us to pay attention and ask what is there to learn?  With awareness, we are then open to seeking & accepting the lesson from every challenge, every illness, so that we can be 'finished' with it, heal ourselves and move on to the next lesson waiting to reveal itself for our spiritual growth and evolution.



My path has led me to question things, to search for answers, to continually educate myself and to explore what other possible resources are out there…because we don’t know what we don’t know.  From all-natural, hands-on & drug-free therapies such as reflexology and massage, to ancient methods of ear wax removal, to energy healing modalities such as reiki, and ionization detox technology, to vibro-pathic remedies and vibrational medicine to spiritual healing including etheric energy cord cutting, regression therapy, and to working with the unconscious mind using Advanced Clearing Energetics (A.C.E.), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy. My quest has been for self-help, self-development and progressive growth and healing in my own life and with my own ‘stuff’.  This has allowed me the opportunity to learn it not only for myself but also for the benefit of the clients that I am grateful and honoured to work with, that choose to have me guide them with their own healing and within their journey to health and balance in their own lives. 


I coach clients using a holistic approach and therefore work with all aspects of the person--their mind (their thoughts), their physical symptoms, their emotions, and their spiritual connection. Each person, each client is individual and unique with individual needs. Considering that we are so much more than just flesh, blood, bones and tissue, I ask many questions and listen carefully while using my intuition to provide feedback and recommendations for holistic tools, techniques, therapies and protocols that I have to offer and/or how I may refer out and provide additional resources to best meet their need[s].







TRUST the process, trust me to be your guide and be ready to be uncomfortable for a little while longer in order to push past all that is holding you back, and we can begin your journey of transformation together. I support you through the process of discovering your presenting problem, discovering the real root of your problem — that which drives all your behaviours based on the current ‘model of your world' and hold you accountable. I guide you to connect with what is important in your life and adjust your values and beliefs to fully align with your goals. I guide you back to your 'true self'. 


So far, it’s been five decades of this wonderful journey called life. I say I’m still working through  ‘stuff’ as it is good to recognize that we all have ’stuff’. Our ‘stuff’, surfaces in our lives only when our unconscious mind knows that our conscious mind is ready to deal with it, when our environment no longer matches our neurology. The good news is that we have ‘stuff’! …as we say in the NLP world, "we’re human so let’s celebrate that we’re human and that we have stuff and we are never 'done'.  As the saying goes when we’re ‘done’, we’re dead!”


Everyone is climbing a 'mountain'...it is relative and subjective. 
Your personal moe hill may seem overwhelming and it may look & feel like a mountain.

Remember, it is the same for us all...

After climbing a great mountain one only finds that there are many more mountains to climb. ― Nelson Mandela

It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves. - Edmund Hillary




CONNECT TODAY and START creating the life you desire NOW!

Your perspective is always limited by how much you know. Expand your knowledge and you will transform your mind.~Bruce Lipton, PhD

My Training

I have been trained and certified in various holistic hands-on and energy therapies along with the Krasner, Ericksonian, Estabrooks and Elman hypnotherapy methods. I am  board registered and certified with the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH) and the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with the following credentials:


MNLP – Master NLP Practitioner & Coach 
MTLT  – Master Time Line™ Therapy Practitioner (Time Line™ Therapy Association)
MCHT – Registered and Certified Master Hypnotherapist
HTT     Hypnosis Trainer
In addition, I include my experience and training within the holistic arts for the past 15+ years as a Certified Reflexologist and Trainer (Hands, Feet, Ears/Face), Swedish, Relaxing Chair and Thermal Palms® Massage techniques, Reiki Master, Martial Artist, Ear Candling, Vibro-pathic Remedies, Regression Therapy, Etheric Energy Cord Cutting, Esoteric & Spiritual practices, and always apply intuition and integrate client's goals into their personal growth.  
To learn more about this visit: www.handheartandsole.com

What Clients are saying


Heidi Cherry ~ Milton, ON

I worked with Gina during a Full Breakthrough coaching program regarding my relationship to money, to improve my performance at work and to identify and remove the negative thoughts that hinder my efforts at the best life possible. My work performance has improved and the negative thought structure that I built over years has been removed. I am no longer plagued by negative thoughts. I never realized how much these thoughts tortured me. For example, I would have the constant belief that there is not enough time in my day to do everything. I would catch myself saying it out loud as well. This is gone for me. Completely erased and replaced with peace. If you are looking to undo years of learning bad habits, beliefs and thoughts you need to call Gina. Having peace of mind is priceless.


K.D.,  Burlington, ON

Working with Gina during a Full Breakthrough coaching program was a wonderful experience.  She was attentive and in tune with what I needed before I even knew I needed it. She drew from the multitude of experience and knowledge she has, with tried-and-true techniques. As a working mom of two young kids, I thought I had maxed out my time. With Gina’s help, I surprised myself with how much more I could do and still have time for me. I felt more focused, more motivated and as though I had my own personal cheerleader. If you are ready to make a significant change, Gina is the lady for you!


M.E.,  St. Catharines, ON

Prior to working with Gina in a Full Breakthrough coaching program, I didn’t have the mind/body connection nor did I have a relationship with myself at an unconscious level.  I struggled in decision making as I logically/consciously analyzed everything.

Working with Gina through our breakthrough process she demonstrated professionalism and assertiveness in determining and recovering my root concerns and successfully removed them.  She has also displayed compassion in achieving my goals and keeping me accountable to them.


I highly recommend and would refer Gina’s Coaching services as she passion, drive and strength for people makes who she is, an incredible Coach.


C. Melo, Mississauga, ON

Ever since I can remember I have had difficulty falling asleep. It seemed as though the closer time ticked toward my daily bedtime, the more alert and awake I would become. Many nights I tossed and turned until the sun came, keeping also my husband awake and impacting his quest for rest.


It wasn’t until working with Gina through Hypnosis for sleeping that I was finally able to combat my difficulty. Before meeting Gina I spent most days in a fog, running on inadequate amounts of sleep. Then after spending 3 one hour hypnosis sessions with Gina, I noticed a remarkable difference in the time it took me to fall asleep. I just practiced the suggestions she gave me every night and within a very short amount of time I was getting a restful sleep every night with increased energy during the day and a definite improvement in mental clarity.

Thank you, Gina for helping me overcome something that I never thought possible.


K.E., Milton, ON


While working with Gina on Weight Optimization, I received 3 Hypnosis sessions and one Timeline Therapy as a support to identify and clear obstacles, directions on what steps to take next in my life real results and movement towards my goal of learning to eat healthy, and get rid of emotional eating. 


As a result, I have experienced a very noticeable reduction of my cravings and an increase in my vitality and overall improvement of my health. I also lost 12 pounds in the process. 


My advice for those thinking of working with Gina is to book an initial consulting session with her so that she can explain everything that may be expected throughout the therapy sessions and she will ensure that they are the right candidates for the services she offers. It was that initial session that encouraged me to go forward and I never looked back. I still go back to Gina for Reiki sessions and Time Line Therapy®. 

©2017 Gina Bello. 

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