Do you want results that enable you to achieve your goals?

We are here to learn & to grow consciously...

How 'fast' you learn and grow is up to you.



    Are you in need of guidance

           Want an accountability partner to keep you on track? 

Customized Coaching Packages Available. 


Mentorship & guidance to help you to lay out a plan,

support and encouragement and clarity of your goals, and 

accountability to keep focused on what you want.


Let’s connect for a heart-centered 30 min. conversation

to find out what you’re struggling with, what your needs are, and how I can help. 


Once a fit is determined, a series of coaching sessions will be offered with a plan for you to action on for your success, and to achieve your goals. 


Using a combination of Advanced Clearing Energetics, Neuro-Linguistic programming techniquesHypnotherapy, and Time Line Therapy™you’ll know what your outcome is prior to starting the process and working together, and we’ll design a reverse-engineered goal and a plan to work towards achieving your goal. 

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